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1 Make cheques payable to Worcester-Malvern NT Centre.
3 £3 administration charge will be deducted from any refunds made after cancellations. No refund will be made if cancelling within seven days of an outing (for example, if the outing is due to take place on a Wednesday, notification of the cancellation must be received by the organiser on or before the preceding Wednesday in order to qualify for a refund). NB: If expenditure has already been committed by the organiser and cannot be reclaimed (for example, where non-refundable theatre tickets have been booked), this cost will also be deducted in addition to the administration charge.
4 Disabled members and those with mobility difficulties are welcome but must be accompanied by a helper who can look after them. Health and Safety regulations and insurance requirements do not allow coach drivers or other members to assist passengers.
5 No large items of luggage may be brought onto the coach and must be stored in the luggage compartment. Items required for the journey must be placed in one reasonable sized bag and placed on the floor by the owner’s feet and not placed in the overhead rack, gangway or steps. Items placed in the overhead rack must be secure. 
5 Any estimated arrival times given for return journeys are approximate and dependent on traffic conditions and any other unscheduled delays.

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Personal Accident Insurance

Members aged 80 and over who attend any Worcester-Malvern NT Centre events are reminded that they are NOT covered by our Group Personal Accident Insurance.
This does not apply to our holiday insurance when separate cover is taken out.

Coach Journeys will always provide a comfort stop where possible



Please provide the organiser of each excursion with the name and telephone number of someone who we could contact in the event of an ‘Emergency’.

Coaches will depart punctually from the meeting points. Event timetables do not allow for coaches to wait for anyone who may be late.


Thursday 12 April 2018

The history of Laverstoke Mill is recorded in the 1086 Doomsday Book as a corn mill and has been in the ownership of William the Conqueror and Henry VIII. In 1719 French Huguenot Henry Portal (who arrived in England in the early 1700’s) leased and expanded the site for the production of high class paper including notes for the Bank of England. Such was his success that the site was again expanded by the Portal family in 1842 and 1881 introducing further elegant architecture to allow for increased production. The family owned the Mill for more than 250 years. However, in 2010 the site was acquired by a distilling company, renovated, and whilst many of the original features remain, the production of Bombay Sapphire Gin commenced in 2013. You will discover the botanicals now contained in gin in the glasshouses and dry room, and view the infusion distillation process.
Our visit comprises
A Self-Discovery experience with an interactive map.
15 minute guided tour through the Still House
Complimentary drink at the Mill Bar alongside the River Test
N.B. Open toed shoes and high heels are not allowed on the visit


Cost £33 to include entry, 15 minute guided tour through the Still House, coach and tip

Meeting Points

Worcester 08.10

Malvern 08.40 

Upton 8.55


3pm routing Upton, Malvern, Worcester

Cheque, SAE and booking form to: Mrs Hazel Cartledge


SOUTHWELL MINSTER, Nottinghamshire
Wednesday 2 May 2018

The Minster is the Cathedral of Nottingham. A large Roman villa originally stood on the site before, in, 956, a church was built. In 1108 the process of rebuilding was put in place and Southwell Minster begun. Sadly it has suffered many misfortunes - fire, occupation by the Roundhead Forces, lack of necessary repair. However, in 1851 the serious repairs needed were finally put in place and worked on over the next 40 years. In 1884 the Minster became the Cathedral with a Norman Nave, one of the finest in Europe, magnificent Angel (West) window and the world renowned Chapter House stone carvings “the leaves of Southwell”.

We will visit a garden centre for lunch prior to a guided tour of the Minster, after which there will be a self guided Southwell Town (adjacent to the Minster) Walk where you will find many historic buildings of note. Map and guide leaflet will be provided. Southwell is the home of the much loved Bramley apple, first cultivated over 200 years ago, the original tree, which still bears fruit, is in a garden in Church Street


Cost £24 which includes guided tour, coach and tip

Meeting Points

Upton 08.00

Malvern 08.20

Worcester 08.50


approx 3.30pm routing Worcester, Malvern, Upton

Cheque, SAE and booking form to: Mrs Hazel Cartledge



Monday 14 May 2018

Kingston Bagpuize House is on the edge of The White Horse Vale and is surrounded by its beautiful garden and parkland.
There has been a village in Kingston Bagpuize for more than a thousand years and the Manor of Kingston was first mentioned in the Saxon Charters. There have been three manor houses. Nothing remains of the first two, except possible evidence of a moat by the driveway and the vaulted room under the 18th Century Pavilion, which may date from Elizabethan times. The current house was remodelled by the Blandy family in 1720 and they lived there until 1917. It was eventually bought in 1939 by Miss Marlie Raphael, great aunt of the present owner’s late husband.

Within the grounds of Kingston Bagpuize House, visitors can see features of previous gardens such as the Terrace Walk. The greatest influence on the present garden was from Marlie Raphael, who lived there until her death in 1976.  With the help of friends, including the nurseryman Sir Harold Hillier and Nancy Lindsay of Sutton Courtenay, she planned and planted the garden and parks to the east of the house, to give colour and interest throughout the year. The noteworthy collection includes many unusual and rare plants, some of which have grown to a remarkable size on the greensand belt crossing the garden.
In 1995, when Francis and Virginia Grant became owners, they started on the restoration of the gardens. Specimen trees, shrubs, perennials and many varieties of bulbs continue to be introduced, with the aim of adding to Marlie Raphael’s original theme.
There are tea rooms on site.


Cost £24 (HHA Friends £15) includes entry, coach and tip

Meeting Points

Worcester 11.00

Malvern 11.30

Upton 11.45


4.30 pm routing Upton, Malvern, Worcester

Cheque, SAE and booking form to: Clive Hooper


(Remember NT Cards)
Wednesday, 20th June 2018

Shugborough was the home of the Anson family from 1624. A legacy of exploration and innovation, it was once described as 'a perfect paradise'. We can explore sweeping parkland, ancient woodland and a landscape peppered with monuments, then discover Park Farm created at the cutting-edge of agricultural reforms. In the Georgian mansion we can enter a world of glamour and royalty in the apartments of Patrick Lichfield, 5th Earl and fashion photographer.

There will be an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a timed visit to the apartments. There are two eating places on site for lunch/tea. The Trust also provides a shuttle service from the coach park to the Mansion.

Cost £15 includes visit to the apartments, coach and tip 

Meeting Points

Upton 08.10

Malvern 08.30

Worcester 09.00


Approx 15.30 routing Worcester, Malvern, Upton

Cheque, SAE and booking form to: Mrs Karen Collins, 10 College Grove, Malvern, WR14 3HP   Phone 01684 893907


Wednesday 18th July

A “free as you go” day in the Welsh Capital!
We will be set down at the National Museum of Wales at about 10.30a.m.
There will be a choice of the Museum, Cardiff Castle or the large shopping area, both of the latter are within easy walking distance.

Entry to the excellent Museum and Art Gallery is free, although there will be a charge (approx. £6) for the optional Japan exhibition there in July. There is also a cafe and restaurant.

The Castle, dating back to Roman times still has its Norman Keep and later 19th Century living accommodation with magnificent gothic interiors commissioned by the affluent Lord Bute, who built Cardiff Docks. Refreshments are available. A charge for admission and guided tour will be approx. £12.

The coach will leave the Museum at 1.30p.m. to take members the short distance to Cardiff Bay.
Here the attractions include the Welsh Millennium Centre, the Welsh Assembly Building, the Pierhead Building, the Norwegian church frequented by Roald Dahl and a range of waterfront cafes and restaurants.
The coach will depart from the Millennium Centre at the Bay at 4.00 p.m. to return home.

Cost: £16 includes coach and tip. Tours and Exhibitions are to be paid as required on the day 

Meeting Points

Worcester 07.45

Malvern 08.15

Upton 08.35


Departs 4pm routing Upton, Malvern and Worcester

Cheque, SAE and booking form to: 

Mrs B McLaughlan, 1 Bluebell Close, Malvern WR14 3QR 

01684 562719