Malvern Hills



On behalf of your Committee, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Easter.
Felicity and I took this photograph yesterday whilst out on our `exercise time`. The scene is Swan Pool in the Priory Park, and is a reminder to us all of the wonderful spaces that we can enjoy in our area. They will still be there when these strange times are over.
We were scheduled to hold a Committee Meeting on the 8th April which was obviously not possible, but we managed to successfully conduct affairs via email. Like so much of everyday life, we are subject to government guidelines and therefore not able to predict when we can resume with our programme of Talks, Trips and Holidays. It would seem highly unlikely that anything will be possible before July at the earliest, but we will be in touch once things become clearer.
However, we are delighted to share some good news - we have two new Committee members. Stephen Lawrence has agreed to become our Treasurer and Carol Rosier has volunteered to take on the role of Newsletter Collator. Both were formally proposed, seconded and unanimously voted for by Committee at our email meeting.. On your behalf we would like to offer both of them a very warm welcome.
We took this view looking down Avenue Road to highlight just how strange and surreal the current times are. Normally this road, and others near to Malvern Railway Station are full of cars. The interesting corollary to this is that occasional traffic seems to be going much faster!
Unusual times unearth unusual talents. We spotted this poem in an empty shop-front in Barnard`s Green. We are unable to attribute this as there was no name but the words do hold a certain poignancy.
 With the hope that you and your loved ones all remain strong and healthy and Best wishes
 for Easter

David Ebsworth