Malvern Hills

TALK BY TOM COOMBE at Powick at 7.30pm on 9th October

Tom has now moved from Croome Court and he is based at NT Killerton. He wants to move on from talking about his time at Croome (as advertised in our June Newsletter) and has prepared a new talk about the relationship of power between different members of aristocratic families. He is particularly interested in which members of the family were commissioning different works of art and alterations to mansions and their gardens/grounds. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. DO REMEMBER, REFRESHMENTS ARE SERVED 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE TALK. 

On a very blustery but fine and warm day Members of the Worcester-Malvern Centre of the National Trust visited Blenheim Palace, the birth place of Sir Winston Churchill, a Unesco World Heritage site and home to the 12th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough.  With over 300 years of history there is much to explore, both in the house, with its rich tapestries, furniture and fine art, and the gardens.   We were able to discover the life of Churchill in the forms of furniture, pictures.videos, and narrative.  The formal gardens include water terraces, a secret garden, rose garden, the Duke’s Italian garden together with an extensive parkland landscaped by Capability Brown.

A report of the holiday in Devon has been posted on our Holidays Section. Always action packed this report may inspire you to book on a future hoiday! We hope to add some photographs soon.

We have made really good progress with creating a fully functional closed E mail group and several E mails have been sent to members. This method of communication has been well received.


However, we still need more E mail addresses to ensure that we can easily communicate with almost all our  members in such a rapid and efficient way. HAVE YOU GIVEN OUR MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY YOUR E MAIL ADDRESS?



The original news item is given below 

Your committee is concerned that with only 2 Newsletters each year only those members who are able to attend winter meetings or outings have any opportunity to be updated with news of our activities. We need to be able to contact members more quickly and posting letters is far too expensive in both the cost of the stamps and the time and effort of putting letters into envelopes.

Our website is one means by which we can update our members but an even more satisfactory means is by E mail. Once an E mail has been prepared it can be sent to as many addresses as we have available. A message about a meeting being cancelled because of poor weather can be sent out at 09.00 on the morning of the meeting long before any member will be leaving home. Furthermore we can update members about change of venues and advise them about any late availability on excursions.

We have decided to use an E mail system (Mailchimp) to provide the means by which we can send to any number of E mails addresses at the same time. This is a totally secure system which is not connected to your name or address and therefore of no use to a third party.

In early August to test this system an E mail was sent out to those members whose E mail addresses were already known by our Membership Secretary. It has been well received. In a subsequent E mail we were able to advise members on availability of seats for excursions, ballet visits and holidays. This has already led to more bookings for some of these events.

So we need more E mail addresses (and accurate ones as some of the addresses we had came back undeliverable) so that more of our members can receive these more regular updates. Unfortunately some members may not have access to E mail facilities but the increasing nationwide take up of E mail and web usage suggests to us that this is the way forward. We simply cannot afford to send more postal communications.

Please if you have not already done so send your E mail address to Janet Bailey, our Membership Secretary. Her E mail address is on the Contacts Page of the website.