Malvern Hills

Our indoor meetings resume on 11 January at Hanley Swan Village Hall. Refreshments will be available from 10.00 and the talk entitled ' Construction of the Severn Tunnel' will be given by Geoff Fearnehough will start at 10.30.

Saturday 2 February is the date of our AGM at Powick Village Hall. This will start at 14.30 and after a refreshment break Brian Skeys will present a talk about some really interesting gardens in Belgium.

Please come and supprt the AGM and better still consider whether you may be able to help in the running of our local centre. 

The January newsletter has been sent to all members in early January. A copy of this newsletter is downloadable as a PDF file from this link. Place your cursor over the words 'from this link' and click to open the Newsletter.

Within the document you can access booking forms and print them via your web browser by using the print page function.

Eagle eyed readers have spotted that 16 July is a Tuesday rather than Wednesday as shown in the text. The excursion to Coughton Court is planned for 16 July which is a Tuesday 

There was a good attendance for the first meeting in our  Autumn Talks series on Tuesday 9 October 2018 in Powick Parish Hall.  Tom Coombe, a professional Conservation Officer with the National Trust in Devon, talked us through the problems of damage that affect all properties, and the steps undertaken by the National Trust to conserve our heritage buildings from the ravages of nature. The five main agents of destruction are Wear and Tear, Dust and Dirt, Humidity, Insects, and, perhaps surprisingly, Light. It's difficult to get the right balance with light – enough to see properly without speeding up the deterioration of valuable paintings and delicate textiles.   UV filters are installed on most window panes but the most innovative measure is the setting of a “light budget” to reduce the amount of hours in a year when natural light is let into the building.


A reminder that our next meeting will be on FRIDAY 9th November, 10.00 for 10.30 in Hanley Swan Memorial Hall.


John Mason will be talking on ‘The Last Voyage of U-boat 234’.


Who would think that on the final Thursday of September we should have such excellent weather for our three hour cruise on the River Severn? Our chairman, David Ebsworth, made an inspired choice of dates as the previous Thursday had been much duller.


Our afternoon cruise on the Conway Castle started at Upton on Severn and headed north towards Worcester before returning to Upton.


More than 60 members and friends enjoyed a smooth journey on a spacious boat with good facilities. Speeding is not part of river cruising and there was ample time to enjoy the view. There was clear evidence of higher river levels and local people know that the River Severn regularly spills over on to surrounding land. Not on this occasion though as the river was benign. 


It is hard to realise how important this river was historically. It would have been really busy with goods being brought down from Ironbridge and other manufacturing bases. Not much evidence of this today as just a few private vessels and boats were taking gravel downstream.


There was chance to catch up with old and new friends and enjoy the cream tea that was included with the ticket.